What loudspeaker models are supported in MAPP 3D?

Currently, the data sets for the following loudspeaker models are available:

Meyer Sound LEO, LYON-M, LYON-W, LYON-WXT, LEOPARD, LINA, 1100-LFC, 900-LFC, 750-LFC, MINA, JM-1P, UP-4XP, MM-4XP, UP-4slim, UP-4slim WP, UPA-1P, UPA-2P, UPJ-1P, UPJ-1XP, UPJunior, UPJunior-XP, UPQ-1P, UPQ-2P, UPQ-1D, UPQ-2D, UPQ-3D, ULTRA-X40, and ULTRA-X42.

To ensure the most up-to-date loudspeaker model data sets are being used by the application, see HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES, select action for each loudspeaker model.

Last updated 2020JUN17.

MAPP 3D will not support other manufacturers’ loudspeaker models.