Select the SETTINGS tool to set system wide preferences.

System Configuration

AVB Network

Select which networks to display: Primary, Secondary, or Both. For redundant Milan AVB networks, a Primary and Secondary network are utilized.

Media Clock

Equipment that sends/receives digital audio needs to be synchronized to a media clock. Many devices are capable of transmitting a media clock. All of the equipment of a system should subscribe to the same media clock.

To designate a device as the media clock using Nebra:

Click the SET MEDIA CLOCK button.

From the SET MEDIA CLOCK dialog, select the device that will serve as the media clock for all devices.

Select ALL DEVICES FOLLOW THE SELECTED MEDIA CLOCK to make the media clock selection for the remainder of discovered devices.

Click APPLY.

The devices designated as media clocks are listed. For the selected device, the clock source is listed. Use the drop-down menu to select from the available media clock streams.

In case there are two or more non-connected parts of a system, media clocks will be needed for each non-connected portion. To add a media clock to a system, click the ADD MEDIA CLOCK button in the upper-right corner and make a selection.

To remove a media clock, click the trash icon on the right.

Display Settings

Select LIGHT or DARK themes for the application.

For personal assistance, please visit:, select Technical Support to create a support case.