Firmware Update

Firmware Update

How Firmware is Delivered

Each time the Nebra computer is connected to the Internet with Nebra software running, the current versions of firmware are automatically downloaded.

Firmware Update Notification

If a newer version of firmware is available for a device, a banner will appear at the top of the application window with a VIEW DETAILS button. If the top blue banner is closed, double-click on the warning icon next to the device model that needs a firmware update to update the firmware.

Update Firmware

Click the VIEW DETAILS button in the notification banner, which opens a dialog listing the devices with outdated firmware. Click either the individual INSTALL buttons for each device or the INSTALL ALL button in the top-right of the window to install the current version of device firmware.

If you have been provided firmware by some other means, move the firmware file to the Nebra computer. From the DEVICE tool, click once on a device to open the Sidebar. Click the three-dot More menu at the top-right of the Sidebar and select UPDATE FIRMWARE, opening the UPDATE FIRMWARE dialog. Click the paperclip icon to browse for the firmware file to be uploaded. Select the firmware file and click the UPDATE button.

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