Snapshots Tool

A Nebra Snapshot saves the listed Milan AVB devices, Entity Names, Milan Group Names, Media Clock, Folders, Connection Workspace layout, and the Milan AVB connections.

Create Snapshots

Select the Snapshot tool on the left of the application window. Click the CREATE SNAPSHOT button in the upper-right corner. In the Create Snapshot dialog, enter a name and a comment(optional) and click OK to save.

Snapshot Recall

For the desired Snapshot, click the RECALL button. In the Choose a Recalling Method dialog, select one of the following options:

Replace Current Connections

All Milan AVB connections will be disconnected. All devices and connections in the Snapshot will be recalled.

Merge with Current Connection – New Connections Priority

For the devices included in the Snapshot, the Milan AVB connections will be overwritten by those saved in the Snapshot. All other Milan AVB connections will remain.

Merge with Current Connection – Current Connections Priority

All current Milan AVB connections will remain unchanged. Only devices that are added when recalling a Snapshot will establish their stored Milan AVB connections.


In each Snapshot row, there are several icons and buttons to the right, described below:

Lock: double-click the padlock icon to toggle the lock/unlock function. Locked Snapshots cannot be updated or deleted.

Recall: Click to recall this Snapshot.

Update: Overwrites the stored Snapshot with the current devices, Folders, Workspace layout, and Milan AVB connections – unlocked Snapshots only.

Duplicate: Creates a copy of the selected Snapshot.

Delete: Removes the Snapshot.

To rename a Snapshot, double-click the Snapshot name and edit the name.

To modify the text of a Comment, double-click the Comment and edit the text.

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