Connect Tool

Click the CONNECT icon in the tools bar on the left of the application window. The CONNECT tool has three modes that appear next to the CONNECT tool, Available Devices, Connect, and Erase. The Workspace is used to graphically represent devices and folders.


Add Devices to the Workspace: Select AVAILABLE DEVICES. From the pop-out list, click and drag a device or folder onto the Workspace.

View Details: Click a device or a Folder icon to open the Sidebar and display the device details or the list of devices in a Folder. To view the details of a device in a Folder, click on the device in the Sidebar.

Zoom: Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the Workspace or hover in the lower-right corner and click the icons to fit to window, zoom in, or zoom out.

Make Milan AVB Connections: Click-drag from a Talker device to a Listener device, for instance, from a GALAXY processor to a Milan Endpoint loudspeaker. A connection matrix opens listing all of the Talker and Listener channels. Click the cross-point of the desired channels to make the Milan connection between the devices. To close the connection matrix, click the X in the upper-left corner.


Nebra uses Folders to help organize and reduce the number of icons in the workspace. Use the DEVICE tool to modify the devices included in a folder.

Right-click a Folder to open a contextual menu, that includes Edit Folder Name and Dissolve Folder. Click to select the desired option.

What’s Next?

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